How it works

Applying is easy. Here's an overview of the process: (click each circle for more information)

1. Before you apply details
2. Apply details
3. Assessment details
4. Attend details

1. Before you apply

See if you qualify
To qualify, you must be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

Choose your course
Your course can be selected from several different management courses available in New Zealand. Please note, the course must be NZQA-recognised up to Level 6 (check with your course provider) and lead to a nationally recognised hospitality industry qualification.

Apply for your course separately

2. Apply

Fill in a SixStar application

Send your application by the 1st of November for studies commencing in the new academic year. You are not eligible if you have already commenced studies.

Get a reference
You'll need to get someone to write a reference for you, preferably your existing industry employer. When you apply online, we will send you a reference template to give to your referee.

3. Assessment

We assess your application
New Zealand has several management courses that are NZQA recognised (up to Level 6) and lead to a nationally recognised hotel management qualification

4. Attend

We pay your fees
If successful, SixStar pays your course fees direct to your course provider.

You complete your studies

You provide your course results to us.